Welcome to our May 2016 Newsletter

It is hard to believe we are now in our second term of school and our second term of pilates for 2016. The year is going fast and we have some exciting things happening in May.

This newsletter includes:

  • Introducing two new practitioners
  • This terms pilates Classes

  • Check out our Quick 6 Questions with Maureen

  • Hot Osteo Tip for May from Maureen

New Practitioners

Matthew Kelley - Osteopath

This month we welcomed a new Osteopath, Matthew Kelley, into our clinic. Matthew has been working in the region for 4 years and last week joined our expanding list of practitioners. Matthew is available 3 days per week in Lara (Monday, Wednesday & Fridays) and 2 days in South Geelong, Tuesdays & Thursdays. Click here to read Matthews personal bio. 

To book online click here.

Gavin Skurrie - Myotherapist

We are also excited to have Myotherapist Gavin Skurrie join our team. Gavin will also work across both our clinics, 1 day in each, Thursdays in Lara and Fridays in South Geelong. Gavin is not only a Myotherapist but he has just completed a Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Sports Science to further enhance his ability to assist our clients.  To read Gavin's bio, click here.

To book online click here.


Pilates Classes

Interested in pilates...come and join Kylie on a Tuesday night at 6.30pm or Saturdays at 9am with Rachael.

Floor based pilates classes for all fitness levels and are held in our Lara clinic. 

Ring the clinic on 5221 1877 to book in or ask any questions you may have!


Quick 6 with maureen!

If you could have dinner with 3 people, dead or alive who would it be & why?

I'd have dinner with Miranda Kerr, Roger Federer and Adam Levine from Maroon 5. Miranda has a great knowledge for nutrition so I'd love to pick her brain on healthy eating. Roger has always been a favourite tennis player to watch, and if I could also see him play in other Grand Slam tournaments (besides Australian Open) that would be a dream. And I love Adam's music, seeing him in concert twice just isn't enough, it would be amazing to meet him.

If you were on masterchef, what is your go to dish?

Cooking is definitely not my forte, but when I visit my family and friends I sometimes make a raspberry cheesecake. It wasn't great the first time round I must admit, but since then I've improved and at least had better feedback for it!

Dream holiday destination and why?

It would have to be Spain - to learn the language, eat the food, have plenty of siestas and then enjoy the nightlife. The beaches and cultural activities there would also add to the experience.

Favorite thing about being an osteopath?

My favourite thing is that as an osteo, you have the chance to make a difference by helping to improve someone's quality of life. It's definitely a challenging job, but when you make a good change to someone's health, even by a little bit, it is rewarding.

What is your secret guilty pleasure?

Chai lattes, even though they are full of sugar!

Tell us something most people wouldn't know about you?

If I weren't an osteopath I think I'd probably be a photographer. I enjoy taking photos especially when I'm on a holiday.  


Hot Tip from maureen

Most of the practitioners at our clinic, including me, start off the day with morning exercise. There are heaps of benefits but I'd highly recommend it if you want to feel more focused and alert for your next activity during the day.