Dr. Maureen Mola - Osteopath

Maureen completed her five year osteopathic degree at Victoria University.

In her final year, Maureen had the fortunate opportunity to undertake an internship at Sportmed Mumbai, where she enjoyed working alongside orthopaedic surgeons in the management of their patients pre and post surgeries. She was also involved in an Inter-professional Development Program at VU where she worked with students of different modalities in learning how to devise a variety of multidisciplinary care plans.

Whilst studying, Maureen worked as a sports trainer for Williamstown CYMS football club. There, she gained invaluable experience in the prevention and management of sporting injuries. Maureen believes osteopathy is useful in empowering people to improve their own quality of life. She looks forward to learning more about what it has to offer, and supporting patients’ overall health and wellbeing. 


B.Sc (ClinSci), M.HSc (Osteo)