Osteopathy and Children  

From the birth of our children, they are exposed to many new experiences and stresses on their bodies, ie. falls, sports, growing, and the list goes on.

Our Osteopaths are experienced at assessing, diagnosing and adapting treatment for their growing bodies, and also get them back to being active and on the go sooner.

Osteopaths can assist in the treatment of the following childhood complaints:

- osgood schlatters
- sever's
- perthes
- growing pains
- shin spints
- acute ligament sprain and muscular strains
- sporting injuries
- headaches
- neck pain and torticollis

and many more musculoskeletal injuries and conditions that can occur during childhood.

Osteopathy and Infants

During pregnancy and also birth, babies are subjected to many stresses and strains to their little bodies which may not resolve after birth and can manifest in different forms during their first weeks, months or even years of their lives. Osteopathy can assist with treating these strains in babies using specifically adapated techniques, to help them continue with their growth and development.

Some of our Osteopaths have additional training to treat babies. Please check with reception to ensure that you book with the right Osteopath for your baby. Treatment is typically hands-on using gentle techniques and is in conjunction with education and advice to aid parents. Treatment for infants and small children never involves forceful joint manipulation techniques.

When can I take my baby to see an Osteopath?

You can bring your baby in for Osteopathic assessment and treatment at any age, sometimes the sooner the better! During birth, your babies cranial bones will overlap and change shape to allow the head to pass through the pelvis, this process, call moulding, usually unwinds, however sometimes stays compressed after birth, which may cause issues. As well as this, our babies are usually in the same position in the pelvis for a long time, which can cause a particular preference for the neck and head to rotate to, this can cause flattening of the head, difficult feeding on one side, and due to altered sleeping position, may be a potential risk for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH).

What are some of the conditions an Osteopath may be able to assist with?

Common ailments which we see in babies and infants that osteopathy may help to address the musculo-skeletal aspects of include:

  •  colic
  • sleep disturbances
  • feeding issues (preference for one side, jaw dysfunction)
  • reflux or GORD (gastro oesophageal reflux disorder)
  • flattened head or plagiocephaly
  • excessive gas or tummy disomfort
  • neck muscle tightness or unable to rotate the head to one side
  • continuous crying after a long or difficult birth
  • crawling or walking difficulties or delay
  • Birth related trauma

Do I need a referral to bring my baby in for a check up?

No.  You do not need a referral.  And we would be delighted to perform a thorough orthopaedic and musculoskeletal assessment of your baby after the birth.

Our practitioners will go through a medical history of yourself and your baby, including details on pregnancy, the birth process and also how your baby is tracking with feeding, sleeping, digestion and developmental milestones.

We will then perform an orthopaedic examination of your baby's musculskeletal system and palpate the muscles and gently take the joints through their range of motion to see if there are any abnormalities to normal range and quality of movement.

Treatment is gentle and usually involves massage of the soft tissues and also other specific techniques to ease strain in the body and improve movement.


Give your child a great start in life by booking with us.  We look forward to seeing you and your newest family member soon.