A typical consultation consists of a thorough history and physical examination, followed by treatment. Osteopaths pride themselves on their expertise in using ‘hands on’ techniques.  Our treatment methods for treating a large range of musculoskeletal complaints include: Soft tissue massage and stretching Articulation/Mobilisation Techniques which involves the movement of joints through their ranges of motion in order to restore function. High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust /“Manipulation” Techniques which involves joints being placed in a precise position of stretch and thrust applied to increase the joint range of motion.  This often is accompanied by a “pop” or “click” at the joint. Muscle Energy Technique (MET) in which contracted muscles are released by being placed in a position of stretch and alternatively made to work against resistance. Counter-Strain Techniques in which affected tissues and joints are placed in a position of comfort, whilst applying a ‘counter’ stretch to the antagonists of the tight muscles. Functional Technique which involves gentle mobilisation of joints in a way which "probes" barriers to normal movement until a way is found through the restriction.