Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?

An Osteopath is a primary health care practitioner, which means there is no need for a referral.  All you need to do is call and make an appointment.  The only time you will need a referral, is if you wish to consult an Osteopath under Medicare, the Veterans’ Affairs scheme, Workcover or the TAC.

What's the difference between osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists?

There are some similarities between the therapies with the conditions treated and the techniques used. 

It is not the role of any health professional to try to define what another health care professional is, and what they do. If you want a definition, it would be best to ask people in those professions. What we can do is tell you about the defining characteristics of Osteopathy, which are based on the following principles;

  • The body is a unit
  • Structure and function are interrelated
  • The body has self regulating mechanisms
  • Treatment is based on the first three principles

Osteopaths tend not to use electronic equipment during treatment and prefer to use their hands.  Treatment is usually not an ongoing process and regular “maintenance” treatments are reserved for those with severe 'chronic' ongoing problems.  Our aim is to “find it, fix it and leave it alone”.

What happens during my first treatment?

Upon arrival you will be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing your presenting complaint and past medical history. Your Osteopath will ask you questions about the history of your condition, as well as other relevant medical details which may be relevant to your condition.

A physical examination will follow which includes analyzing your patterns of movement. The examination of your body may include an assessment of adjoining regions to see if they may be affecting the problem area.

Your Osteopath will diagnose the cause of your complaint and will outline an appropriate treatment plan. 

Your initial consultation will last 45 minutes and should further treatment be required subsequent consultations will be 30-40 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

Osteopaths tend not to follow “recipes” for treatments, which makes it a difficult question to answer.  Every individual patient who walks through our door is different, is treated differently and will respond to treatment differently.  In general the longer the complaint has been there, the longer the recovery and the more treatment required.  Many factors can influence your recovery such as posture, compliance with exercises and the frequency of your treatment to name a few. Your Osteopath will give you a clear idea as to how many treatments you will require.


Do you process Claims?

Yes we do - more information available when you click on the headings below.




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